Village of Vanscoy

“The Village of Vanscoy was contacted by Jetpatcher and were informed of their technology to repair streets in a new and faster way. The Village had decided to hire Jetpatcher for a day to come and fix a few trouble spots in the streets.

Council was very impressed with the service this company provided and had them come back for 5 more days to patch more of the streets. The patches seem to be holding up; prices were very reasonable, and there were no complaints from residents. Definitely would recommend this company to anyone who would like to use this service”.

Dawn Steeves “Administrator”

Phone: (306) 668-2008

Circle Drive Alliance Church Saskatoon

“Our church has a rather large parking lot in which one complete section had developed several potholes over the past couple of years. I called Tinus and he promptly out to inspect and quote on the job. We found his pricing to be very good and the service to be very fast. We are a busy place and he was able to work around our tight schedule and yet get the job done in a very timely fashion.

We are very happy with both the service and workmanship provided by Jetpatcher Canada and will use them again in the future”.

Ross Hoult “Facility Manager”

Phone: (306) 250-9770

Pinnacle Properties Limited

“My management company used Jetpatcher at our Calgary Alberta property and at our Saskatoon Saskatchewan property for our parking lot pothole repairs. On both occasions, I was very pleased with the service and the quality of work. I would not hesitate to use Jetpatcher again in the future”.

 Linda Boucher

Phone: (403) 236-5150

Remai Ventures

“Our experience with Tinus at Jetpatcher was very positive.

He did exactly what he said he was going to do and did it on time at a very competitive price.  I would not hesitate to recommend Tinus and Jetpatcher for any parking lot repairs that you may have”.

 Curtis Zwack, Vice President REMAI VENTURES Inc.

Phone: (306) 261-2444

College Park Mall

“Jetpatcher offers a practical and economical option for asphalt repairs. In April 2015, we started using Jetpatcher for some of our pothole repairs where traditional asphalt repair wasn’t warranted, the repairs have held up well. Jetpatcher repairs can be done in much more variable weather conditions than traditional asphalt repairs and less intrusive with just one truck, proving advantageous in having repairs done quickly.”

Bradley Redman, Property Manager – Kenmore Land Company

Phone: (306) 227-3449

The City of Martensville

“We have had excellent experience with everything from the contract experience to the quality of the product. The treatment is proving to wear very well and is very well suited to situations where conventional repairs are impractical. It works great in areas where conventional cutting and patching is impractical and areas that may be sensitive to traffic disruption.”

Joe Doxey, Director of Infrastructure & Planning

Phone: (306) 931-2166

The Centre Mall – Saskatoon

“Having a large mall, we run into a lot of parking lot asphalt problems whether it be cracks or holes.  Jetpatcher has been available on short notice to repair with a high-quality patch. Very happy with their service, quality and cost and will continue to call on them whenever we require asphalt services.”

Bob Johnson, Operations Manager

Phone: (306) 241-5818

KAL TIRE on 8th St. E, Saskatoon

“Thanks a lot for getting our potholes fixed in a very timely manner, and for being very accommodating with our demands, that it be done during the least inconvenient time for us. Our potholes were fixed without getting our whole parking lot redone and in a very fast and cost-effective way.”

Elton Flores, Assistant Branch Manager

Phone: (306) 374-2425

Town of Osler

“The Town of Osler recently had Jetpatcher in for a day, patching holes and cracks in the roads, wherever found.  We found the workers to be pleasant and professional.  They cleaned up after the work and we heard no complaints from residents.  They did a great job, and the patching seems to be holding well.  Considering the crew spent an entire day in our town, the bill was quite reasonable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services and hope to continue being one of their customers in the years to come.”

Sheila Crawford “Chief Administrative Officer”

Phone (306) 239-2155

Jetpatcher Canada Services
Phone - 306.220.9884
Email - info@jetpatcher.ca