Available Capital – Cash on hand that applicant is willing to invest. If there will be a co-signer (other than a spouse), include that money as well. This would include Available Capital and Total Cash on Hand

Recurring Income – Take control, build equity, provide a solution for your city, community or surrounding towns and build a business with Jetpatcher Canada. Our exclusive, protected territories will allow you to grow a viable service business with a high % of returning customers each year. Our model allows you to start the business from home while you scale the operation to the size of business that suits your lifestyle and your net worth aspirations.

This concept is relatively new to Canada, and you are likely looking at a ‘first to market’ opportunity in your community.

With Jetpatcher being 29 years in the business and 650+ Jetpatcher units in the current world market, we will help you every step of the way as you build future value for your family.

  • Seasonal
  • High margins
  • Complete training
  • On-Going support
  • Not labour intensive
  • Our customers love our services!
  • We are an honest, reliable and well-reputed company that will work with you to build your business!

A successful candidate looks like this

  • Has a ‘sales/marketing’ skill set
  • Loves to serve customers, and go ‘above and beyond.’
  • Has the desire to grow a business, and the drive to do it
  • Has a proven track record of ‘self-starting’, growth, performance
  • Has a minimum of $150,000 to invest and doesn’t need an instant income from the business to live on

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