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The machine is highly productive with the minimal waste material. With a driver and operator one Jetpatcher™ machine can replace a complete road repair gang


JETPATCHER requires only a crew of two, plus additional traffic control assistance if necessary. In a situation for repairs to car parks, shopping center parking lots and areas where traffic may be lesser, a crew of one is sufficient assuming that local Health and Safety regulations allow.

Clean-up and Preparations

After use, flush out the delivery hose and nozzle with water, and hose down the machine. Leave the spray ring from the nozzle soaking overnight in kerosene. Fill up with aggregate, emulsion and water, and plug in the overnight heater. In the morning, unplug the heater, re-assemble the nozzle, and drive away.

At the end of the week, or before an extended period of non-use, use the inbuilt facility to flush the emulsion lines and nozzle with water.

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Self-Contained Resource

JETPATCHER is a fully self-contained unit that cleans, compacts, fills and seals the repair area – no other vehicles are required for support other than standard traffic management and local requirements for repair operations.

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More than 650 machines already in service around the world.

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What our customers say

First off I would like to say a big thank you to Kobus and Andrew, your work was excellent in the Village of Beiseker. We are extremely happy with the finished result with the two rather large patches that you did for us, we could not have done it ourselves. There have been many comments from the townspeople as well about the finished result, I haven’t heard anything negative about it, in fact, I have recommended you to other towns around this area. Thank you and I look forward to working with you in the coming year.

David McKenzie

Operations Supervisor, Village of Beiseker

Jetpatcher will be providing Block1 with parking lot maintenance this 2016 Construction season. We have relied on them in the past to help with our potholes in our parking lots. We have ten sites in Saskatoon and 4 in Regina, all that will need attention this upcoming spring. They are reliable and do an excellent job for us and keep our tenants safe.

Byron Brown

Maintenance Manager, Block1 Premier Rental Properties

We have had excellent experience with everything from the contract experience to the quality of the product. The treatment is proving to wear very well and is very well suited to situations where conventional repairs are impractical. It works great in areas where conventional cutting and patching is impossible and areas that may be sensitive to traffic disruption.

Joe Doxey

Director of Infrastructure & Planning, The City of Martensville

Our experience with Tinus at Jetpatcher was very positive.
He did exactly what he said he was going to do and did it on time at a very competitive price. I would not hesitate to recommend Tinus and Jetpatcher for any parking lot repairs that you may have.

Curtis Zwack

Vice President, Remai Ventures Inc.

Having a large mall, we run into a lot of parking lot asphalt problems whether it be cracks or holes. Jetpatcher has been available on short notice to repair with a high-quality patch. Very happy with their service, quality and cost and will continue to call on them whenever we require asphalt services.

Bob Johnson

Operations Manager, The Centre Mall - Saskatoon

Jetpatcher offers a practical and economical option for asphalt repairs. In April 2015, we started using Jetpatcher for some of our pothole repairs where traditional asphalt repair wasn’t warranted, the repairs have held up well.
Jetpatcher repairs can be done in much more variable weather conditions than traditional asphalt repairs and less intrusive with just one truck, proving advantageous in having repairs done quickly.

Bradley Redman

Property Manager, Kenmore Land Company

Thanks a lot for getting our potholes fixed in a very timely manner, and for being very accommodating with our demands, that it be done during the least inconvenient time for us. Our potholes were fixed without getting our whole parking lot redone and in a very fast and cost-effective way.

Elton Flores

Assistant Branch Manager, KAL TIRE on 8th St. E, Saskatoon